“What happened in my session with Kristin, I will take with me for the rest of my life. During our session I was flooded with things from the past that I didn’t know I still carried. I left feeling focused and was able to clearly see my goals and realized that there was nothing in my way from achieving them. Kristin is amazing at what she does and truly changed my life.”

-Julie, Idaho


“Before my visit to Kristin, I was undergoing a personal crisis and had reached a point where stress was having an emotional and physical impact, creating tension and tightness throughout my body. Kristin’s Reiki service came highly recommended as a healing therapy. After the session, I felt more balanced and prepared for the challenges ahead. Kristin clearly had a keen sense of what was going on with me and she provided some insightful advice that has helped me maintain a healthy balance.

-Meg, Idaho


“After having Reiki with Kristin, I see the benefits of Reiki in a different light. I was surprised how some of the stresses I’d been holding onto were released. Not only that, but I felt like I had a better ability to be proactive on managing my stress.”

-Matt Booth, Idaho